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Fish don't make Omega 3, algae does. Fish simply eat a diet high in algae. By going to the original source, you can get the full benefits of Omega-3, without any of the risks associated with fish oil. 

Microplastics, mercury and other toxins are routinely dumped into the world’s oceans. Once inside the fish, they are almost impossible to remove. The long-term health implications are not yet known, but recent studies have shown regular consumption of these harmful toxins to be detrimental to our physical and mental health. 

Algae is free from all these toxins, yet contains the same form of Omega-3 as fish oil.

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Algae is a sustainable superfood. Our algae is grown in purified tanks of water. We then extract the oil at cold temperatures (using no solvents). Not only is the process entirely sustainable, but it also doesn’t disrupt any ocean ecosystems. 

The UN warn that 90% of the oceans are being fished at unsustainable levels. Meanwhile, by-catch (the unintentional killing of other animals caught in fishing nets) results in the death of 300,000 whales and dolphins, and 250,000 turtles, every year. 

Consuming Omega-3 from algae instead of fish means that you are not contributing to any of these environmental issues.

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Not all Omega-3 is created equal. Bloom Omega contains DHA and EPA, the superior forms of Omega-3. 

Nuts, flaxseed, hemp and other plant-based Omega 3 sources contain only Omega-3 ALA, which is not the same and benefits mainly only nails and skin. 

Algae is the only viable plant-based form of Omega-3 DHA and EPA, the powerful essential fatty acids that contribute towards eye health, improvements in mood levels, and keep your heart and brain healthy. Although they are considered essential, the body cannot produce Omega-3 DHA and EPA, so they must be consumed through diet.

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